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5 Styles that are Coming Back

By Laura Leiva
2020 and 2021 were some strange years and the fashion that came from them was edgy and retro at the same time. Following this paradoxical year, we expect 2022 to bring some new trends. Not just from runways, but from youth culture, streetwear, and social media. We’ll see a wide showcase of cool, new pieces and fresh fashion. 

For 2022, we’re optimistic and we’re ready to go out. Here are 5 styles that are coming back this year: 

·       Sheer: One of the most fashionable things from the 1930’s is coming back, with the resurgence of sheer dresses. This light garment used to be worn by men and women and became popular in the 30's, and you can expect everything, from light, barely-there dresses to chiffon and nylon fabric. Rock this trend by layering the sheer dress with a turtle neck or a crew neck two piece. 
·       MTV style: That signature style that you could see in the year 2000 when you tuned in on MTV is all the rage on the runway. Things like cargo pants with low waistlines or beautiful draping tops, you can look in the back of your closet for some Fergie or Beyonce style pieces. You’ll look cool and anything but basic.
·       Glitter: Shiny fabrics might be another trend from the 2000s, but we are rehashing it with more glitter sequins, glossy satins, and shiny, wet-metallics. 
·       Hippie beachwear: We’re all gunning for delicious, hot weather, which is probably why knitted and boho beachwear are on the comeback for 2022. 
·       Child-like: Designers are definitely tapping into their nostalgia for their childhood with some new, playful pieces. We expect this year to rock a lot of memory evoking patterns, like smiley faces, solar systems and overall very happy, lively colors.