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5 Styles for the Lunar New Year

By Laura Levia
We’ll be entering the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac on February 1st as the Lunar New Year starts. This Chinese celebration dates back to the Northern and Southern dynasties (420–589 AD) and as tradition goes, everyone visits friends and family and shows off their new clothes. 

Here we’ve gathered the most popular and chic outfits people like to wear during this celebration. 

  • Going Casual: If you’re looking to stay in with your friends on the Lunar New Year holidays, you can keep your outfit simple and chic. Find a T-shirt with some red accents, your favorite cut of jeans, and some sneakers. The trick for getting an outfit together is keeping in mind the importance of red. Red means prosperity and good luck, which is what you want as you start off a new year. Also try to avoid black and white, because they are seen as unlucky.
  • Staying Cozy: Keeping warm is also crucial as you go out and visit friends, so if you prioritize a comfortable and cozy look, you can style a red puffer jacket with a trendy knit vest and some warm sweatpants. 
  • Red Dress: Now, this celebration also allows you to pull those fancy pieces and dress to impress. You can throw on your best red dress, and accessorize with gold jewelry.
  • Pop of Color: While some might like the all red look, you can also try a different monotone outfit with a pop of red somewhere. Try out a gold jumpsuit with red pumps, or an all-green outfit with a red shoulder bag.
  • Shoes: Some stylish kicks might be the thing that takes your outfit to the next level. Luckily, lots of brands are releasing shoes with the theme of the Lunar New Year on the days leading up to the holiday.