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5 Colors You Need in Your Wardrobe in 2021

By Andrea Spanik
Sure, basic black and fresh white will never do you wrong when putting together an outfit, but isn’t it about time we add some color to that wardrobe?
If you’re on the hunt for the top color trends of the year, these are the five top colors of 2021 that we recommend every lady get into her wardrobe ASAP: 
1)    Muted Yellow 
There are various shades of yellow but if you want to keep things on-trend, we recommend going with a more muted shade of yellow. 
Less vibrant than neon and less saturated than a mustard yellow, you can try muted yellow in a dress, blouse, or skirt. However, if the idea of yellow has you a little intimated, start slowly by experimenting with a pop of yellow. 
2)    Barbie Pink 
Who’s ready to make all their childhood dreams come true? 
You read that correctly: barbie pink is back in style, and if you find yourself drawn to all things feminine, we’ve got a feeling you’re going to love adding bold, bubblegum pink into your wardrobe. 
3)    Electric Magenta 
Still feminine, magenta tends to be a little less overtly girly than barbie pink and more on the edgy side. It’s not a color we’re used to seeing and it brings some purple hues into the mix for something that feels deep, rich, and luxurious. We highly recommend testing out this trendy shade in your wardrobe in 2021.  
4)    Show-Stopping Orange 
While you may want to be muted with your shades of yellow, that is not the case with orange. With orange, it’s all about going for those bold, vibrant hues. 
Excellent for hot, sunny days, we love this tropical take on orange for something that feels more warm-weather appropriate rather than the standard fall-appropriate orange. 
5)    Lime Green
A cross between neon yellow and standard green, lime green is a breath of fresh air. 
Having said that, green does have a bit of a reputation for being a hard-to-wear color. 
If you’re not feeling confident about rocking green, try accessorizing with green, or, just as with yellow, opt for a pop of lime green rather than a full outfit. 
So, tell us, which of these trendy shades will you be adding to your wardrobe in 2021?