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5 Best Job Interview Outfits

By Laura Leiva
Show up for your next job interview in an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, empowered, and ready to make a great first impression. Whether you’re looking for a job in a formal position or in a causal setting, these ideas are helpful:
·       Male Business Formal: A pretty standard outfit for job interviews, a business formal look features a dark suit and a light colored dress shirt. Shoes and socks should match in color and always opt for conservative patterns over busy ones! 
·       Male Business Casual: Instead of a suit, opt for a pair of trousers with a button-up shirt. Leather shoes with socks of the same color is ideal! Accessorize with a leather satchel to carry any papers or documents. 
·       Female Business Formal: Tailored suits or pant sets are great options for a formal job interview. Dark and solid colors are recommended, as well as closed toed heels or flats. For accessorizing, opt for a simple pair of earrings, necklace, or a watch.
·       Female Business Casual: Similar to the male business casual look, go for a pair of slacks or skirt that’s in a solid color with a button-up shirt. Flats or heels (not stilettos) work well for a business casual outfit.
·       Overall tips: The idea when dressing for a job interview is to go more for a professional look without going too far in either looking formal or overly casual. Stick to darker colors, keep things polished and simple, rather than too busy. 
With these tips, look for an outfit that makes you feel put-together and comfortable so you can focus on bring the best version of yourself to your next job interview!