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5 Beauty Products We Can’t Live Without

By Laura Leiva
With the sheer volume of beauty products out there, it could feel overwhelming to know what to buy or how to use it. Keep things simple by starting with these five beauty products: 

·       Tinted moisturizer: This pulls double duty! A moisturizer with a bit of added color, this formula offers skin much-needed hydration while also providing light coverage to the skin. Tinted moisturizer is also a favorite for those who like a natural or minimal makeup routine. 
·       Concealer pencil: Let your natural beauty shine through while also feeling comfortable in your own skin. A concealer pencil offers the right amount of coverage to blemishes or redness without caking on your skin and can easily be stashed in a purse for re-application throughout the day. 
·       Lip balm: A lip balm is one formula that works for everyone. Whether you go for a lightly colored tint or prefer a clear balm, there’s plenty of opportunity to play with color when going from day to night. 
·       Blush + highlight palette: Even the subtlest of added color to the skin gives off a beautiful glow. A palette that features a multitude of shades, from blush to highlighter and bronzer, works all year long and provides a healthy shimmer where you want it most. 
·       Mascara: A final step in any beauty routine, mascara! Today there are numerous formulas to give your lashes all the volume and length you want, without the clumps. Finish off any beauty routine with a simple swipe of good quality mascara. 

Choosing the right beauty products makes a difference in how efficient a routine is. For those looking for the essentials, these are a must and can easily be built upon to customize the perfect look for your skin.