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5 Athletic Outfit Ideas if your New Year’s Resolution is to Get Healthy

By Kelsey Hokit
The new year brings a fresh start and for many, this can mean the perfect time to put healthier practices in place. There is nothing that will have you more motivated than a great outfit. These 5 athletic outfit ideas will have you feeling more ready than ever to get healthy!
1. Workout Ready
If you are planning to start a new workout routine or try a new exercise class, you will want to be ready with the perfect outfit. A great pair of comfortable leggings paired with a tank or sweatshirt is the ideal outfit for almost any type of movement. 
2. Athleisure Casual
Maybe you aren’t planning for an intense workout, but still, have plenty planned for the day. These are the days when a great athleisure outfit can come in handy. You can still throw on your favorite leggings, but maybe put a knit sweater over them and finish the look with casual sneakers and a vest if it’s chilly. If you plan to squeeze in a yoga class, then you can swap your knit sweater for a workout tank top. A look like this can easily be taken from class, to run errands, and out to lunch with a friend. 
3. Comfortable Sweatsuit
A matching sweatsuit is the perfect combination of comfort and style. You can find one in a pop of color or a muted neutral. Finish it off with a pair of crew socks and white sneakers for a trendy look that is still perfect to go for a walk or pick up the kids from school. 
4. Biker Chic 
Not only are biker shorts great for any sort of workout, but they transition easily into an everyday look. If you plan to hit the gym then you can wear your bike shorts with a cropped sweatshirt to your workout along with your running shoes but bring a graphic tee and leather jacket to throw on right after if you have plans. 
5. Ready to Run
For the person that loves to run outdoors, a great pair of running shorts can be the perfect addition to your athletic wardrobe. Depending on the season, you can wear a tank with them or a long sleeve athletic shirt. This will allow plenty of mobility while running, but you can stay warm or cool as needed. Make sure to grab your most comfortable running shoes when you hit the pavement! 
Implementing new healthy habits can feel overwhelming at first, but outfits that make you feel great will definitely help! These outfit ideas will have you ready to be your healthiest self in the new year!