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10 Cute Winter Fashion Trends for 2022

By Sara Antonuccio
We’re not nearly done with winter yet, and the fashion trends just keep coming! This season’s styles are as unique as the year itself has been; here’s how you can get in on the latest looks:
  1. Geometric Coats: Geometric print is big this season! From a simple smattering of shapes to full on works of art, coats are getting a geo-fabulous makeover that has a touch of retro feel to it. 
  2. All the Plaid: Who doesn’t love plaid for winter? Plaid skirts, in particular, are designer favorites. They have a hint of academia that can be smartened up even more with a blazer or toned down a notch with a simple sweater.
  3. Mini Skirts: While you’re picking out a plaid skirt, why not make it a mini skirt? You might not associate mini skirts with this time of year, but they give you a chance to break out your best tights and look oh-so-fabulous with thigh high boots.
  4. Puffer Jackets Galore: Apres-ski is a seasonal favorite almost every year, and this year is no exception. The standout poster child for ski looks, even without the slopes, is the puffer jacket. We’re especially loving puffer jackets in retro colors like baby blue and electric green.
  5. Embellishments: Fringe. Feathers. Shearling. Jewels. One, all, or in a combination, embellishments are the name of the game to spice up your winter wardrobe. A fringe jacket, feather-lined shirt, or shearling purse will do the job.
  6. Light and Bright Colors: Wave goodbye to a dark and dreary winter wardrobe and say hello to the brightest colors of the season. Yellow, red, orange, pink—if they stand out, they’re in vogue. 
  7. All the Leather: Faux leather is no longer that shiny, stiff fabric that’s a poor imitation of the real thing; you can easily get the look and feel of leather at half the price with none of the moral conundrums. That’s why this winter we love all things with the leather-look, from leather pants to leather jackets along with boots, purses, and accessories. 
  8. Glitter It Up: Sparkling snow just might have been the inspiration behind this trend. Glittering dresses, skirts and jumpsuits are perfect for a party, while glittering tops make elegant evening wear. Sequins can provide a more subtle flash of sparkle if you’re not sure you’re the glitter type. 
  9. Chunky Loafers: Another look inspired by academia, loafers are taking on a new life this season, with designers bulking them up and adding chunky heels and platforms. These definitely aren’t your parents’ loafers. Pair them with ankle pants to show off their unique form.
  10.  Knit Sets: What’s better than a knit sweater? Knit pants to go with them! Also trending this season are knit sweater-skirt combos and knit top, bottom, and cardigan sets. These outfits aren’t just for lounging, either; sweater and skirt sets are great for everyday wear and make running errands cozier than ever.
These winter fashion trends won’t leave you out in the cold! They’re fresh, fun, and bring an unexpected twist to a season that tends to see the same old styles year after year.